Saturday, September 17, 2011

WOOT! Party!

I swiped this from someone who swiped it from Martha Stewart. Wanna piece?

A month ago I wondered what the life of a serious blogger was like. What would it feel like to have to come up with something remotely interesting once a day, write it and hit POST?  Would my posts get better? Would my writing get better? Would more people read it?

 I also needed to kick myself in the ass to write every day.

So I took my little blog here and posted. Every day. 

Was it hard? Yes and no.

Yes, some days it was hard to come up with something to say (sorry about those) and some days I had more than one idea so I wrote a couple and set them to post another day. After the first week, my brain must have gone into Serious Blogger Mode because I was thinking,"oh, I could write about this!" and " lemme get my camera!" around every corner. 

And around every other corner was a family member who learned to shy away from my camera and scream," Don't blog about this!"

I think my goal to make my posts more brief was also achieved. I became a more ruthless editor. I know it's kinda telling, but I get giddy when I start slashing. It's a bloodbath of words and I am the victor.

I did gain a couple new followers and got a lot more traffic, which is fantastic. Welcome! Thank you for clicking the FOLLOW box. 

 (That is crack to me, btw. Crazy high.)

For all of you who wrote comments, or sent me emails or notes on facebook about this month of blogs, THANK YOU!!! I toast you because your thoughts mean a lot to me.

For all who read, maybe thought it was only ok, but came back another day to give me another shot--thank you!

I learned a lot this month. It was a very worthwhile and rewarding project and I will be posting more often- but not everyday. I can't. I need to work towards another goal--I have to finish cleaning up my NaNoWriMo project from LAST November so that I can do it again THIS November. You should join me. 50,000 words in 30 days! Find me on there, my username is EssephVee (which is also my twitter name, if you are interested). We can bitch and moan through it together! It'll be fun!

Swapping my coffee out for some bubbly! Cheers!

On my first day this month I toasted you with coffee, today I'm switching to--ok, it's 7-Up..but there are bubbles! ( And I learned to take my glasses off but still, no makeup).

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and thank you for reading!

"Hey, Mom, leave the bottle."


  1. I enjoyed your month of blogging every day. I will miss it but can certainly understand that there are others things that must take precedence. You did a good job; hope you are moved to do it again sometime soon. BTW you look just fine without makeup.

  2. Ooooh! Bubbly! I loved reading your posts all month long- congratulations on making it to the finish! I'm considering joining you for NaNoWriMo this year!

  3. Lucy, you are one of my greatest cheerleaders and I knowing that you were watching kept me honest and posting each day.



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