Friday, September 9, 2011

The Birthday: An Essay, with Photos

You know those times when you plan to surprise someone and you think you know how it's going to play out and you get super excited for it to happen because you KNOW exactly the reaction you are going to get...and you don't get it?

This wasn't one of those times.

Ordinarily, we don't go big on kid birthdays. We keep it pretty mellow. Special, but mellow. They don't get parties every year, only at 1,5,10,13 and 16. Even then, if they pull a boneheaded move, like intentionally scratching my minivan several times, the party will get cancelled.

Get in your way back machine. Remember when you were 15? You loooooved some singer or band? Maybe it was NKOTB or Debbie Gibson or Taylor Dane. Maybe you are a coot like me and it was Leif Garrett, Duran Duran or Sean Cassidy? Ok, you're cooler than me, how about KISS, or Madonna?  Whoever it was you knew all the music, all the facts,cut out the Tiger Beat posters and got them covered in root beer lip smakers saying goodnight? Imagine your very first concert being THAT.

Now hold onto the 15 year old superfan you just mustered up.

This week, Bekah turned 15.

To attempt to scratch the image of my horrendous closet out of your minds, and try (feebly) to re-establish my  homemaker cred...I bring to you, The Birthday- A Photo Essay

And that is all some of you need. 

Yes I bake. And wear aprons. And broke my  fashion rule: Puffy sleeves OR strappy shoes, not both.

She picked the meal: baked potato bar. No, we don't put grapes on  the potatoes.

"Nice, Mom- I see you are using up the Christmas paper from last year."

Oh, it's a cute purse!

Filled with all kinds of things like lipgloss, nail polish, and a new wallet. Wonder what's in this wallet?

*Insert ear shattering scream here*


(This is where you need to imagine your 15 year-old superfan reaction. Taylor Swift is hers. And I had told her the tickets were sold out. And she didn't question me and go behind my back and find out for herself, which, now that I think about it, is really odd.)

It's not about the gifts or the surprise or the opportunity to make a teenager's  birthday wish come true- it's about this. We love this kid!


  1. Great photo essay. What a thrill to be 15 and get tickets to see your favorite star perform. You and Brian get kudos for being wonderful parents!

    So glad you are still blogging every day, sure do enjoy them.

  2. I loved the photos. Sounds like the surprise was just that. Yeah Taylor Swift!! You guys will have so much fun.

  3. Thanks, Lucy!We try, fail and sometimes succeed.

    M22t- I am so glad that I get to be there, teaching her the proper concert behaviors. *insert evil grin here*

  4. You make me feel so old! I'm nearing 22, married, two kids... And I'm going to Taylor Swift as my first concert. Hmmm...

  5. So I guess I should be asking you to teach me proper concert behavior. ;-)

  6. GW- my "rule" is to enjoy like no one is watching. Enjoy the show! It should be a whole lot of fun and a great first concert memory for both you and Bekah!


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