Friday, September 23, 2011

Those things that make us want to snap someone

My friend Kristin just asked, in that smartassy way that only friends can get away with, if I was caught up on my counter lists.

It took me a second to realize what she was talking about.

No, Kristin, I am not.

 (Kristin is totally one of those friends who can get away with smartassy with me, but she is waaaaay sweeter than I am. She is also a new blogger. Check her out here Here )

I have yet to go through all the medicines and look at expiration dates. And go through the kids winter coats to check sizes. These are just TWO of the notes I was given the other morning. Check this out:

TEN notes. (There is one on top of the upper-est note). Trees are crying.

Can I just say, he is all about saving plastic and filling those white trash bags up to the tippy top but not so ecologically sound when it comes to paper. We do have a trash CAN under the sink, but the white plastic bags never get full enough for him in there, so they sit. In my kitchen. For me to look at. Until they are full. Or I get pissed off and take them to the garage.



No, not done. And I haven't cleaned the bathrooms yet either.

But I did take this picture.



  1. Oh Sister-Friend. I was not judging! Just poking fun! I love your post though. I would strangle my hubby if he left me those notes. And he is aware of what my rage can do. Hoping he doesn't live in fear all the time! :)
    Good luck on the lists! Miss ya!

  2. Oh, I didn't think you were judging at all, it was funny!

  3. Super sweet shoes! Love 'em! I make my own crazy lists on multiple pieces of paper. I call it good if I get 10% done.

  4. HA! I actually checked the girls' winter coat sizes AND bought them winter coats today. Oh yeah. Who's rockin' it? Sadly, that is about the only essential task I have accomplished in about six weeks. If you need ammo, tell hubs that you know someone who hasn't super scrubbed the bathrooms in, well, ... I'm too ashamed to say.


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