Saturday, September 3, 2011

Football Report: I'm trying

Last night was the first time that I went to high school football game and actually saw my own kid on the field.

Well, that isn't entirely accurate- I did go to several games when Bekah was in elementary school. The high school cheerleaders hold an annual camp for elementary kids. At the end of a week of after-school practices, the little girls (yeah, mostly girls, although I'm sure it's open to all) line the field and perform during the half time show. It's really super adorable and the times that Bekah did it, the line stretched from end zone to end zone.

Cheerleading wasn't exactly playing to her strengths. Our team is the Warriors. She screached, "GOOO! Worriers!!'  And once I heard, " GOOOO! Lawyers!"


But this time was just the first of many when that same former (not really her thing) cheerleader took the field  playing her flute, and marching with the band.

Band! Love band! Plays to her strengths, yet a team activity. She can stay in band as long as she wants, then one extra year because I think it's good for her.

The band did great ! Sure I'm slightly biased...but I recognized the tunes which- in my book- gets them 3/4 of the way to a Great review.

Yeah, you can't see anything. That's because the picture that you CAN see the band, and the flash went off, I look slightly moderately, deranged.


My plan to only stay until halftime was thwarted when Bekah told me that she has to stay for the whole game. Mom taxi-ing is one of my least favorite chores--and once I go home and it's dark all I want to do is sleep. I went to the game knowing that I was going to stay the whole time.

I chose my seat carefully when Luke (who wanted to go hang out with all his middle schoolites) and I got to the game. By "carefully" I mean that I looked for someone I knew who was sitting as far away from other people as possible.

Hello, Kelly!

I was quite sure Kelly wasn't entirely thrilled to sit next to negative, chatty me. She likes football. I think that she was sitting at the top of the bleachers so that she could watch the game with her husband. But I think she also likes me so I told her I would be quiet as I settled in next to her.

And I was. Sorta. I asked a few questions because she knew all the players, and, oh yes, she likes football. I told her about my quest to learn to enjoy the game and she was kind enough to include me on some of the details of the action I was watching.

I'm not entirely a football newbie. I understand the basics of the game, I can follow it. Sorta. Her husband, who sat on the other side of her, really follows it. He was shouting all kinds of stuff that made me laugh.

 " 'Punch him in the mouth?' " I asked after he had screamed it a few times.

He just smiled at me. Not the, YEAH! smile, more like the ,*pat pat* There Now smile.

"I want to get in on that. Can you tell me when to yell it?" I asked.



"Ok, now." he quietly said.

And I dragged up, deep from my gut where I store away my aggression, " PUNCH HIM IN THE MOUTH!!!"

The husband smiled. It was a Wow smile.

"You keep that up, I may let you sit next to me at a game," he told me.

"Well, it's going to be a while, I'm still watching to see how the cheerleaders are doing."

I do believe The Husband rolled his eyes.

Final score: Smithville 30.....Maryville 36 (came from behind, Warriors led, 30-12 at the half. OOOH, lookit me getting with the lingo!)


  1. Oh, Susan. Had I known you were going to be there, I would have happily sat with you and learned to love the game, too. I have vowed to go to all home football games this year....sadly, I'm 0-1. Oh, well next weeks a new week, hit me up if your going and I'll share the "I'm at the game, but don't know what quarter we're in because I'm enjoying the chat" corner with ya!

  2. I have to say,my mind drifted off to my happy place in the third quarter, but came back for the end...I score this as a success on my path to learning to like the game. I did see your daughter there! Find me next time!


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