Saturday, August 27, 2011

You'll think of it now

"Mom? Can I have some hot chocolate?" Noah asked, wiping his morning weary eyes with his fingers so hard he was probably seeing flashes of light.

Clearly hot chocolate is just a gateway beverage to coffee. Sugar, a little caffeine, I make it with half milk so I can lie to myself that it's nutritious, but he's so cute sipping out of his mug, pretending it's coffee just like mom and dad, I don't usually deny him. Plus, the coffee mug he always chooses makes me laugh.

As I heated the water, I shook the packet of hot chocolate so that the powder would settle to the bottom and not fly around the room when I open it. I have done this act so often I do it out of habit, very absentmindedly. Probably like smokers who tap the pack against their palm to distribute the tobacco. Or people who tap the top of a soda can before opening it. I am one of those people too, I don't care if you tell me it doesn't do anything, I can't stop myself.

Another thing that I can't stop myself from doing is reading. Put words near me and I will read them. Cereal boxes, warning tags, I've even recently re-read the instructions that come in a tampon box. Of course I looked at the packet of hot chocolate mix.

My sarcasm level wasn't warmed up enough to make fun of the 'create the moment' line. Instead, I went with it and thought, "How sweet! Mother daughter moment. Some special time, just for them."   

The water still wasn't boiled so I wondered what they were talking about. Did my mind go to plans for the day, maybe Mommy and Me mani/pedis? Did I think Mom was telling Daughter how much she loved her and how proud she was of her? Was I sentimental enough to envision,"I used to have hot chocolate with your grandmother when I was your age."


The dialog that went in my head and stayed there and will never, ever leave and I have to start buying a different brand of hot chocolate because this is all I will ever think of...

"Mom, do you douche?"

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  1. ROFLMBO!!!! OMG!!!! That is hilarious! That wasn't the thought that came to my mind, but it is related...mine was that they must be having a "birds and bees" talk... LOL!


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