Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Still Trying: Part Three

The quest continues. Become a fan of football. This past weekend I worked really hard toward my goal. Oh hush, we all need goals.

We sold a child and got tickets to a pro game. Ok, that's just mean. She went to grandma's, someone gave us 4 tickets.

This wasn't my first professional football game. I've been to a Bears game in Chicago, Pats games in Foxboro, and I worked at a little building called the Super Dome. I've been to plenty of pro games, but never while on a mission to like the sport.

First up, lunch. Hot dogs, drinks and some peanuts- I won't tell you how much but if I got a dollar a blog, I would have to write 60 of them.

Yes, this is my boob.  Covered in mustard. Good plan to wear a white shirt, huh?

Some words of advice from a father to his son...

...when the cheerleaders were the only action on the field. ( I can't make this stuff up, true)

He's six. At six you take any opportunity  you get to scream your head off. He lived beyond his potential in this area. The whole game. Even though the Chiefs fumbled at the kick off and pretty much kept that pace the whole game.
If you give a screaming six year old a foam finger, you are pretty much doomed to see this view the whole game.

We stayed til the end. I think, as a sport, I would rather watch the high school kids. The play is faster, they don't have to wait for commercials, and you can hear the crunch of the helmets from any seat. As an activity, though, this type of football is more to my liking. Except for the leaving part when some drunken idiots screamed, "Oh yeah! Your mother called and asked me if she could f******* s*** my d***"!!! About 4 feet from Noah. Who was enthralled. *sigh*

Final score: Oh, it was as pathetic as those drunken fools-- Chiefs- 7.Buffalo Bills- 41.


  1. A little mustard goes a long way. :)
    So what was the advice on the pom pom twins?

  2. I have no idea. I tend not to ask on matters of the, uh, poms.


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