Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Trying: Game Two

Last night was the second home football game. I went. Of course. Not only am I on this quest to like football, but Bekah is in the marching band, and Luke and his middle school football team were getting recognized at halftime as,"the future of Warrior football"

Good grief.

For this game I had a date, Brian came. He won't make it to many games this season (read: any more) but Noah went to spend the night at Grandma's and Brian didn't have any good excuse not to go.

I will say, the game went a little faster, although the plays got kinda boring towards the end because the other team failed to score. The whole game.

And it was better because it wasn't a bajillion degrees. We needed sweatshirts and it felt more football weathery. I spotted our neighbors Jamie and Kelly and I shouted, " punch him in the face!" while walking up the bleacher steps. While they were paralyzed with embarrassment for me, we slipped  into the seats beside them.

Good strategy, non?
Brian trying to figure out which one is his daughter
When the band marched onto the field, I pointed out Bekah. Then she moved, because- you know- that's the point of marching. So I followed her with my finger for Brian to keep track. (No, not that finger, the pointer one.) We followed her for the whole routine. Too bad we were following the wrong kid. Bekah showed me where she was when we looked at these pictures.

The band plays the Star Wars theme and the Color Guard battles with light sabers. I'm very easily amused, but this was fun to watch.

Brian sent commentary on the plays my way, and I tried to pay attention. You know, when I wasn't wondering what idiot started the trend of freaking ginormous bows on the top of the heads of the cheerleaders. Not low on the head, or in the middle holding a ponytail. Stuck on top? Why? Tim Gunn would not think that worked. Not at all. The bows were distracting, but the cheerleaders taught me that those who win, want it and we want it more. (I'm paraphrasing.)

Finally, Luke and his middle school teammates took the field for a few brief and glorious moments.

 Luke was very excited to rush back and tell us about his experiences. It was a lesson for the poor lad.
Hey, Luke--where is the rest of your team?

Rule #1: Stay with the team

I learned quite a bit at last night's game. I learned I can't pick my kid out at a distance, that the path to winning is paved with desire, never to wear a ginormous bow on the top of my head, and that it's always best to stay with the pack.

Game recap: Smithville scored in the first 32 seconds against the Chillicothe Hornets. Our boys got the fumble on the kickoff, and scored on the 1st play on offense.  Final score: 35-0 Warrior victory.

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