Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some things I understand, and some I just don't

This morning was brisk. Upper 40's. It was in the pre-coffee hours when I got dressed, so I reached for the fall uniform: jeans, short sleeve shirt and cardigan.

The woman who reaches for a cardigan is different than the woman who reaches for a hoodie. We are probably a little more traditional in our dress, maybe have an eye for some vintage. We like the coziness that a cardigan implies, vs the " I am going to sweat!" of a hoodie.

I understand the cardigan and the hoodie choices.

When I reached for my cardigan, I realized that I had several options, but in those pre awake hours I went not for color, but for my staple: black.

Slimming, clothing says," I may have an eye for fashion...or I might just be a lazy dresser but you will never know." My black cardigan says," mysterious convention. " 

I understand the choice of black clothing.

As I reached for the cardigan, I realized that there were several options in this color. Five. I have five black cardigans. (I may have more, you have seen my closet).

They each can be dressed up or down, go with a skirt or church or to a football game. (Ok, maybe Old Faithful can't go to church anymore--I've had her since the mid '80's and she is tired.) I understand each of these sweater options:
The collection (or what I can find of it)

And, like the good mysteriously conventional fashion diva that I am (that's a joke, you can laugh) I have the complimentary collection of black shoes. Each different and for different types of activities, but can be dressed up and down like the best wardrobe elements. 

I totally understand black shoes.

If you are like me, you look at that sampling and think," of course, all very different shoes." You probably even have a collection that is somewhat similar.  You see a use for all of them, and might even have more of your own and think me somewhat a minimalist. You understand me, and I you.

So if you are like me you can probably not answer why my spouse has this collection of his own. A collection of black clothing items that I just can't understand: 

Three pairs of identical slippers. Why?


  1. With regard to your black shoe choices...I adore the pair that is second from the right - brand? Thanks.

    With regard to your hubs is so that if anything happens to one slipper, you already have an easy replacement. Or, if one pair gets misplaced temporarily, you have backups. I'm a dork in that respect and have been known to buy multiples of the same flip flops for this very reason.

  2. Um, they are girl shoes that I inherited from Bex when she passed me in shoe size. When she was in 5th grade. It was the only pair I got that were not pink or purple. So they are not only 4 years old, but also a kids size- I don't know that the brand would help.(I wear a woman's size 6)

    Thank you for that possible reason.I'm not buying it for this person, he's a tad orderly, but I can now see how that might be a good idea.


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