Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Best Laid Plans

So I had this funny idea for a blog post. A pictorial essay of all the things my family needs to learn to do.

Like flushing the toilet.

Or changing the toilet paper roll.

Or rinsing toothpaste spit down out of the sink.

Or stuff in another room besides the bathroom! Lots of stuff! Funny stuff!

But I can't find my camera.

Or my mp3 player.

Some sort of small electronics misplacing is going on around here. And, now that I think about it they were   are both pink, small electronics. Hmmmm. The MP3 player meant I had to listen to my daily podcast quota online. I listened to a new one...Tales of Old. It's historically based short story fiction. Or historically based fiction, short stories...I'm not so sure on the wording of that. Anyway, I like what I have heard. So I'm pimping it here.  Word.

And I am sooooo close to my month of blogging big FINALE. (Ok, not that big-- no swag or anything. Maybe some confetti. Not sure..) ANYWAY...I didn't want to miss a day especially because I can't find my girly electronics!

SO, for your viewing pleasure....this is what happens when Luke gets his hands on my camera. And this is what happens when Luke uses my camera and I find the pictures. Enjoy.

Dang it...where did I put those electronics!??


  1. I wonder how it made it to school?
    I will be so sad to see the month over.

  2. HAHA..he grabbed it at back to school night, that's a first grade classroom.

  3. Ha ha ha ha Susan! I could have so written that blog!! Every. Word!

  4. Hey I recognize that room!


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