Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mr Poo, may I introduce Mr Fan?

This happens on recording weeks- I never feel prepared enough, never feel like I have enough information even though I have been researching the topic for a longer time than I studied for full classes in college. (Which should tell you what kind of a college student I was).

I know that the women we talk about whole BOOKS are written about-- lots and lots of books all filled with different information. Whole sections in the library about the time she lived. Semester long classes are centered around this ONE woman, more about her times--people study them for years always uncovering new information-- and all that is at our disposal. So we suck up as much as we can, add it to what we already knew and and condense all of that down to one hour(ish).

But it never feels like enough. So I get that stressy feeling in the pit of my stomach on recording weeks, trying to eek out time to learn just a bit more, put it into a logical, storytelling form. It's fun, but it's also nerve wracking. That's just the way it is.

(And the other worse feeling: when I spend all this time and energy learning the life of a woman- and read the wikipedia entry and it covers most of what I took weeks to learn. But, come on, it's wikipedia. Anyone with a computer can add to wikipedia- it's hardly to most reliable source for information.)

And this week is a short one. I was Family Mom yesterday (Brian found me about 10:30 AM and had some "fun" projects for us) which was great, but now I'm one day shorter this week. One less day to get it all done.

I'm looking at my list of To Dos and I know some of them won't get done. That's just how it is. My eyes are sticky and itchy; my sinuses are clogging all from allergens.That's just how it is. The larder needs to be restocked, the house cleaned, apparently we are having a garage sale next week so I have to work on organizing that, and I have written work to finish. That's just how it is. And I know I'm not alone with a list like this.

It's just how it is for all of us. Mr Poo is meeting Mr Fan all over the place.

**************EDITED SEVERAL HOURS LATER****************************

Well, my stress, doom and gloom was short lived. The woman I was holding the garage sale with just can't do it next week...what about May?  MAY? May sounds great and reeeeallly a long way off!

I kicked fanny on some of the projects that were staring me in the face, and only have one to finish up today before I can call it quits (sadly, it's not this blog update. bummer).

The thing I had on Friday got moved to Monday.

Mr. Poo, Mr. Fan...back to your corners. I'm not ready for you yet.

*************The next day...***********************************

Since I am posting everyday right now...some of my posts are going to be winners, and some are going to blow...this is the latter. I'm letting it ride, but if you are new here, skim down a few posts, most of them are better than this. :)

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