Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hypocrite, liar and blogger

I say it a lot, I'm a hypocrite.  "Do this, kids"...while I'm doing just the opposite.

Like this weekend when I told Luke to clean his closet. And he did.

Luke cleaned his closet

And I didn't. 

Yet another one occurred to me last night when we sat down to dinner. I had made beef stir fry, which I really don't like but Brian loves it so I make it every once and again. I gave the kids the stir fry for dinner and then sat down with my meal.

Rice, pot stickers, one token green bean, and only a couple of slices of the beef since I figured I needed some protein. (In my defense, I had some more green beans before I put the stir fry seasonings on them while I was cooking.)
My dinner place.

Did the kids catch on that I wasn't eating what I insisted they have? Sure. Did they say anything to me? No. Why? Because they know it won't get them anything more than extra stir fry veggies.

And they were too busy asking why I got to read a book at the table.

"Because. Just because I had a crappy day and I need some escaping and I like to read when I eat sometimes. Happy?"

They also know better than to answer that.

So- recapping- I'm a hypocrite, I don't eat well all the time, and I sling attitude at my kids at the table.

I'm also a liar.

See the book I'm reading? Emma. Classic, right? Jane Austen, chick writer for the brainy set.

Whenever anyone asks what I am reading, or there is a chance they will look to see what I am reading, I use Emma. 

In actuality, I have never made it through the book. I've started it several times, but never finished. I get distracted. I've seen the movie a bajillion times, love the story, but somehow whenever I start to read that particular book, my mind goes to sleep. I really do read other smart chick books. Lots of historical non-fiction, for example.

Maybe at a different time in my life, I would have, or will be able to appreciate this book in the manner of my friends who list it as their all time favorite book do. Maybe. I'll keep trying.

My non liar picture
In actuality I was reading this as I ate my not so healthy dinner: Grow Your Blog- Proven WaysTo Add Followers Every Single Day. By Simple Dude. His blog is here, Simple Dude in a Complex World.  (It's not a mommy blog, but you don't have to be Emma Smart to figure that out.)

The book was a buck 99 download and The Bloggess recommended it. I don't want to be a Bloggess blog, ok, if it happened, great. But I'm not her, buying crazy chickens instead of towels...I'm me.Here. Being a hypocrite. Contrary to not having finished Emma, I'm smart enough to know that if something is important to you, you learn from the successful people how they did it or how they would have done it better. 

I haven't learned anything yet that I don't already do. But I'm only on chapter six. (I made it to chapter five the last time I sat down with Emma.) I think he's getting to the networky stuff next. I suck at networky. But I am amused. I'll give a review when I'm done with it. 

So there. If you like your bloggers hypocrites, liars and not great FOLLOW at the top of this page. If you don', go clean my closet.


  1. I'll clean your closet and follow your blog. I love organizing closets and drawers and cabinets. So much more interesting and longer lasting than dusting, sweeping, mopping and cleaning bathrooms.

  2. Interesting? I would rather do the other stuff because it's faster to get done! Chore, done!


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