Monday, September 5, 2011


Shhh, dont' rat me out. I'm hiding.

It's nearing on 10AM and I am in my jammies. I am on a quest of some sort, trying to see how much coffee I can consume while thus attired. I have put forth a valiant effort, three large cups and I drained the coffee pot so if I want more I'm going to have to make it.

I think I'm done with coffee for the morning.

It's Labor Day, and Brian and I have very different views on how the holiday should be celebrated. He believes in the apparent logical meaning and he has uttered the four words I dread to hear from him, " Let's get things done." He would like to spend the day in labor. work. *shudder*

While I, a traditionalist, believe that the day should be spent as far from labor as possible. Oh, sure, there are children to raise, meals to prepare, messes to tidy--but the 'tweener activities I think should be more relaxed, more labor free.

So I'm hiding at his moms house. I actually spent the night here (we do this a lot- she and I are TV compatible) and his Frightful Four were texted to me at 8:30 this morning.

Let's get things done.

Let's not and say we did.

So right now I am "helping" his mom (she is tidying and I am offering emotional support). In a few minutes I will take a shower and get dressed, then I have some "errands to run for her" (she ran out of milk). After that, who knows, I'm trying not to plan and think too hard. It sounds too much like labor.

However you are spending this first Monday in September, I wish you well. I hope you do exactly what you want, and accomplish whatever lofty (or un) goals you have in mind.

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