Just a short word



Ok, how about: Just A Short Word About This Blog?

I began this blog as a personal journal, and personal journal it shall evermore be. There isn't a lot of blinkies and buttons and crap, because I think of it like a very plain journal. The cover may be boring, and unimaginative- but the inside is where the excitement is.

Anything that I review on this blog, and it won't happen often, is because I felt you should know about it. Maybe I bought something that was super cool, or didn't live up to the hype. Or maybe someone I know gifted me something that I truly loved so much I wanted to tell you about it. But I will never write a review because I am being paid to write one. I don't accept PR firm freebies, I think that bloggers who do, do so for their own reasons and I don't think negatively about them. Heck, they are probably thinking I'm an idiot because they get paid in stuff and cash... while I am working just as hard for nothing.

 I will never link you up to a website or suggest that you check out a merchant that I don't visit on my own and think it's just the cat's meow.

I won't ever use the term, "cat's meow" ever again.

I will rarely talk about my other projects, so if you are looking for something other than classic Mommy-Blog fare--you might move along before you start to think differently about me.

Unless you are thinking, "Wow! you are brilliant writer!" or " Who is your agent?"....in that case, please send me an email at svollenweider(at)gmail(dot)com