Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Know thyself

The amount of food this 13 year old eats is not only well documented by me, but not out of the ordinary for this particular gender of teenager. That said, he's the only one in our house that eats like that. "That" being disgusting combinations and enormous quantities.

For dinner he had two dinner salads, and two large bowls of pasta and red sauce. With ranch dressing. The pasta AND the salad.


Luke is taking a class in school called Industrial Tech Lab. In this class they learn all kinds of super cool computer stuff. When we met his teacher and talked about what the class would be doing this year, I joked about auditing the class. Only, I wasn't really joking.

So this teacher was endeared to me even more by this lesson  last week. It wasn't the elements of the class, but the product. Luke was allowed to design his own t-shirt and this is what he made:

It says" Luke: Eat like the world is ending"

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