Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm not really a crappy blogger

I have this flower bed right in front of my porch. It's small, maybe a yard square, but it's important in my landscape because it breaks up a sea of concrete and is really the focal point of my entryway.

I like to put a colorful display of annuals in this space. Usually only one or two colors carefully placed  together for impact. I get a lot of compliments on this tiny bed, so I guess I'm doing the right thing. I don't like to put bulbs in the bed because I like to fill it with annuals as soon as the ground is ready. If I have spring bloomers in there, I have to wait for them to pass, and the annuals get a slower start.

But last fall I felt some change in the air. On a whim, I picked up a variety of bulbs at my local *name of a big store that has has low prices everyday and needs no more advertising*, dug criscrossy troughs in the bed, and randomly tossed the bulbs in them. Sorta lazy, sorta trusty, sorta let the bulbs fall where they may and enjoy them there.

Nothing orderly about that!

The first crocuses appeared a couple of months ago. Followed by a natural looking display of daffodils, and now these tulips have opened. If I think about it, there probably should have been more for impact. They are stunning in color, but have to be appreciated on a small scale because there are only a few of them. I see some other buds in there, ready to expose themselves in floral glory, but truthfully, I can't remember what they are. It's a surprise. And I planted it.

Kind of like my life. Everyday is a surprise. It's not that I am lazy, it's not that I don't have things planned--but I am opening  myself to the randmoness that life is tossing my way. I am appreciating the beauty in it. Trying to, anyway.

My life is nothing like it was a year ago, it even changes month to month. Some good, some bad. some ordinary, some surprising, all beautiful in some way. Sometimes I just have to tilt my head to the side, or narrow my focus to see that beauty.

I only put blogs on here that I love. I'm not writing about specific things, or for a specific audience--I just let them fall randomly. I hope that you appreciate them for what they are: a snapshop of that moment of my life.

Friday, April 1, 2011

WAHM SAHM Thank you M'am!

I read an article recently, it talked about SAHMs who make a leap to WAHMs. How this was a growing trend, how finding work at home can solve a lot of problems--someone is home when the kids get home, there is more income, mom has a flexible schedule, etc. The article also talked about how it CREATES some issues--mom's workspace, mom's worktime, mom not staring at the laundry when she should be working thinking, "when is the laundry fairy coming"?

Ok, I made up that last one. But I am making that leap. Now, never ever ever would I call myself trendy.I am the antithesis of trendy...the anit-trend. But this time, I am totally riding the trend. Kowabunga!

But it's hard, to be truthful. I'm not very good at dropping all my SAHM chores, all my SAHM responsibilities,  so I end up being really, really  Over Mom Guilted, and really, really overworked.  But hey, it's 2011-- overworked is the new 21.


See? Overworked. I'm mixing metaphors as I watch my 6 year old play wii in front of me, singing Millionaire. With the cuss words. It's Friday and my bathrooms aren't clean yet-- and my fridge died the other day and it still has quite a bit of rotting food in it. Maybe it didn't die-the fridge coroner has not been out yet to call time of death, the thing is still under warranty SINCE IT IS ONLY TWO MONTHS OLD, so maybe it's just in a coma. Anyway---let's just leave it like this: I am letting a few things slide.

Like this blog. Dang, I love this blog. So I'm not giving it up. NO FREAKING way ( huh, where do the kids get that language, I wonder?) But my posts are not as frequent as as they used to be..or will be again. I will be posting more. I need to give a voice to us WAHMs with a SAHM complex. We need to be heard! I need to be that voice and say things like:





and of course,