Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trainwreck?: My own blogging challenge

I was snooping around on someone's g+ status...I mean, stream. ( Gotta get with the lingo-I need a facebook to google+ translator). She was asking what type of blogs  those in her circles (!) would like to read if she took another stab at a personal blog.

I have read this person's blogs before, she is a very good writer with a unique voice. She is so good my jealousy prevents me from linking her up here...just kidding... Valorie Engholm, she is the Wednesday featured blogger on Mom2MomKC. If you like your mommy blogs crunchy with a left lean, you should check her out. Sorry, jealousy again, anyone should check her blogs out because she gives a perspective that you might share, or might not, but you will learn something.

ANYWAY, this isn't about Val--it's about I was snooping on this convo and someone said that she would follow a blog that is about anything as long as it was well written and interesting. The topic was of secondary importance to the way it was presented. And it had to be consistent.

I never intended for this blog to be a money maker. AT ALL. And that hasn't changed. But I did intend for it to be my personal playground, work-out area...ok, and my soap box. The comment about consistency challenged me. I suck at consistency on this blog. (and my huge ego allowed me to skim right over the, "good writing" part).

I have a super special friend who is a successful writer (and really ninja-mentors me in between our common friend language and shared brain) has suggested that I give up this blog. I'm giving it away for free, she says. And she has a point. And I usually do most of what she says because she is always right. And smart. And pretty. But this time, I'm going in the opposite direction- I'm going to give MORE away for freeeeeeeeeee! I think this experiment will make me a better writer so there is a benefit to me.

And to you. This could be a trainwreck! I might be so challenged for a topic I blow my personal Code of Ethics and write about someone, or something, that I swore I never would write about!

And tell your friends about my potential trainwreck experiment! In all honesty, the only way I will know this is working is if my followers list grows. Or you comment, but I know how you feel about that and I'm cool with it. Just pimp me.

Once the kids go back to school THIS WEEK...omgoshfinallythissummerwastheworst... starting on Tuesday I am going to post something once a day for a month. My theme, topic, niche..whatever you want to call it remains the same as always (since I changed it last year): Work At Home Mom With A Stay At Home Complex.

What will I do after that month? I have no idea- let's see what I learn and take it from there.


  1. Awesome! I have kept blogging for the same reasons: practice, sounding board, and discipline. Matter of fact, I'm launching a THIRD blog this week! Aacck! What am I thinking??

    I plan of following your train-wreck, er, experiment, and of course I'll pip it out for ya'. By the way, please keep posting links to m2m and your Star articles- sometimes I forget to go find those on my own! :)

  2. I think you made a great choice! :) I was listening to something the other day - I think it was a Buddhist talk on how to be with others. It basically was saying that giving away MORE of ourselves and MORE for free is the best way to also ensure that we receive back more - even if how/what we receive isn't what we expect.

  3. THIS is going to be interesting. I keep my blog b/c it's the only outlet for writing I have right now. I say when you stop enjoying it, when it becomes a burden, ditch it.


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