Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Note THIS!

Most mornings, when I walk into the kitchen, I am greeted with an island full of notes. Brian gets up waaaay before me, and jots these notes as a form of communication. His argument is that he writes stuff down when he thinks of it, then he doesn't have to remember to talk to me about it. And of course, the man digs a paper trail so he has proof he told me something.

Normally they are about things he spots that I can take care of during the day. Basically, To-Do lists. For me. Since I am " home all day".

I despise these notes, not only because I can't stand being told what and when to do something--it also shows that he is not entirely on board with my game plan of working from home.

See, I am at the pay my dues,learn, and build a body of work portion of the game. I do not get paid cash money for 95% of what I do right now. I will down the road (God willing and the creek don't rise), but now, no.

Brian is very old school, and believes that it's not a job if there is not an immediate payout to the family- in money or in household/child rearing benefits. Period.

This is only part of why I have a SAHM complex. The other part comes from me. I sold myself on being a SAHM so hard, that I feel like I should still be doing all the stuff I have always done for the family. 

It's really a lesson in dysfunction on several levels. I realize that.

But back to the notes. This morning, a day where I had a long list of my work related items to do, Brian decided that he would fill the slow parts of me day. I have SIX HOURS between dropping kids off at school, and their return home. I easily have five hours of my own work, a large stack of papers to go through that the kids brought home form the first day of school (my homework..nice) and then another 2-3 hours after the kids go to bed tonight. This does not include the errand I am going to run for my Mother-in-law, the laundry, dishes, dinner, etc. And it's Wednesday. I usually dust on Tuesday but was so full of solo-bliss yesterday, I didn't.

Uh -huh. 
This is what I walked into this morning:

ONE is instructions telling me exactly how to clean out the garage. Sweep the floor, organize the workbench, organize the shelves, etc. I have been ignoring this directive for several days now. And, oh hey, lookie there..I will again today. 

TWO is a list of dinners he would like next week. On one hand it makes meal planning easier and I am making things he likes; on the other hand I only like one of the meals. You want to know, right? Snoops. Frozen fried shrimp and peas; Turkey burgers; frozen Chinese; Manwiches/ tots and corn; BBQ beef tub (already made, just heat). 

Bachelor menu, right? 

I only like the turkey burgers because those I make myself.

THREE is instructions on how to clean the house. No lie. 

FOUR is a notification that he discovered the carpets upstairs are looking a little in need of a vacuuming.

FIVE is...someone is about to blow a gasket so I won't even tell you exactly what it says, but I should rearrange the refrigerator and put leftovers in appropriately sized containers.

SIX is a reminder that he likes his freshly laundered shirts left unbuttoned when I fold them.

The pen he wrote these notes with is his favorite type of pen. Can't really fault the guy for that, I personally hoard my favorite type of pens, too. But do not use his pens! Even if he leaves them on the kitchen table. 

The man does do a lot around the house and also makes his and Luke's lunch in the morning. (He gets up REEEEALLY early) Those are not condoms, they are handiwipes from that project. Probably left on the table so that I wouldn't forget to put some in Noah's lunchbox. Thankfully, there is no note telling me this, because I may have invented a new use for handi-wipes. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some things to do. Anyone got a match?


  1. Um, wow! I don't even know what to say without really coming down on your husband hardcore, which I don't want to do in a blog comment...

    But, WOW! I do, in fact, have if you'll just pay the cost of mailing them to you...heeheehee...

  2. hahaha! Well, if he were so inclined, and got up a few minutes earlier, I'm sure he could write something about me that showed an odd behavior of mine.

  3. I have this nice shaded porch, with lots of chairs. And coffee, nice hot coffee. Come sit with me.

  4. I think I just found my dad's long-lost twin! Ha! Come over, I'll bake you cookies and send you home with some gasoline.


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