Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 13 Year Old Boy Dinner

Inhaled snack ( it went so fast I had to recreate it.)
I pick the lad up at football practice at 5:15. Dinner at our house is at 6:00. He is a teenage boy and eats. A lot. Kids of this age are notorious eaters, boys especially. And Luke is no exception.

Obviously, football has whipped up an appetite, so he eats a snack package of Nutter Butters and two Swiss Rolls within minutes of getting home.

This is not enough to tide him over for the remaining half our until dinner is ready, so he makes himself a salad- with cheese, because he likes to add stuff to his salads. And drench them in dressing.
Salad number one

This is gone within 3 minutes, but he has to go take a shower, my larder is spared for the time being.

6:00: Dinner time. The first salad is a distant memory, what with it sliding down his gullet back in the good 'ol 25 minutes agos. This is what he sits down to. The first time.
That's about 2 cups of pasta, and a second salad. I would be puking at this point.
A bowl of Barilla Plus (it has added fiber and protein, not *just* pasta), meat sauce, and another salad. Before the rest of us are done with our (smaller) dinners, he is finished and is STILL hungry. The rule in this house states that if you are hungry for something other than what I fixed, get it yourself. So he makes this. And takes a bite out of it before I can grab the camera.

Bread, mayo, turkey, cheese, turkey cheese, mayo, bread.

He tells me that he has had enough, clears his plate and brings it to the sink. I walk into the kitchen mere moments later to this sight:
Ahh, man! That was going to be my lunch tomorrow!

He is finishing off the never-to-become-leftovers that were still in the pan. He was kind enough to wait until after I had cleaned the kitchen to head to the pantry for round two.

I found something more productive to do than follow him around with a camera.... Ok,truth: he got sick of it and I have a bunch of pic that look like this:

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  1. Yep, same here but without the football. Sigh...eating me out of house and home! I have the same "If you don't like it, get something yourself..." rule.


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