Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things you miss on the phone

One of the greatest discoveries of this trip is seeing the different personality quirks of people that I thought I knew. People who I have known most or all of my life I am finding that not being around them for all these years, they have developed interests or hobbies or quirks that I never knew about. Discovering them is one of my greatest joys on this trip.

My twin brother and I were watching TV the other night. First we watched a show that I would have predicted interested him. Smart, clever, techie, good guy/bad guy, violence-- it was the kind of movie and book he likes to read and has his whole life ( It was Leverage, on TNT). After that show was over, he said that his favorite show was on. Great, another guy show. He flipped the channel and immediately started his background commentary. At first I thought he was joking. I started with glances to see his face, trying to decide if he was serious. But then I just gave in and stared full on when he said " Oh this guy is Broadway, he's not dancing his style but he's doing pretty good." and then " She is a ballerina, usually she does more toe work". This big burly, marathon running, Karate kicking, Mountain biking, Techie Manager is a big fan of " So You Think You Can Dance." Never saw that coming.

I have a cousin Carrie, who is very close to me and age. We have always gotten along very well, but don't keep in touch as often as we should. She has her two teenage daughters that she is raising with her husband in Massachusetts. I am raising my three in the Midwest. Yesterday we were talking about things we want to do " someday" and discovered that, not only do we share many interests, but we both were seriously considering a tattoo, in the same spot. Who knew?

My Sisterfriend Debbie, who has a former career and degree in fashion will only wear black or brown sneakers. She refuses to get any that are white, pink blue or any pretty color.

My son, who I live with everyday. The kid who is constantly shuffling activities and never maintaining interest in one for very long, seems to have a compulsive interest in fishing. We are staying at a house with a small dock that can be fished off of. We have not been here 24 yet and has spent countless hours, some even rainy hours, fishing. He got Uncle Bill to take him out this morning to use his own 11 yr old funds to get worms. So far his fish count is 26. He even skipped the best part of the old fashioned breakfast the my Aunt Mary prepared ,to fish. I never knew that there was an anything that would hold this childs interest in this manner.

A couple of nights ago the eldest of my families cousins ( tee hee, she'll love that " eldest" part) hosted a wonderful dinner for us. She and her husband brought us back to their home and served us dessert. I communicate with Debbie via facebook quite a bit. I spent a few hours with her in her home and at dinner. But two nights later I was sitting with another cousin, in another state and saw a beautiful collection of knitted items that Debbie had created. She has them displayed online and they were fabulous. I missed this detail of her life entirely.

I have noticed many other things about these people that I thought I knew. I am simultaneously intrigued and saddened. These people that I thought I knew have these delightful interests. But I never knew it. What else am I missing?

It has been far too long and I have missed far too much with these people. I am discovering things about all of us that I never would have had we not come. Things that will color and enhance our relationships in the future. Never saw that coming.

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  1. This is so true. I have some cousins that I adore but rarely get to see, it seems whenever we get together we find weird, obscure commonalities that make us feel even more close & connected than had previously thought.


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