Monday, July 20, 2009

On The Road Again

Can I get an "oops"?

At the end of Day one, we looked at the GPS, who we have named Gypsy, and we determined that we had about 5 hours to reach our first Friend Stop in New Jersey. We stayed in a Red Roof Inn that was housing a team of Asplundhites. They were working some project in the area but it was Saturday. Saturday isn't for working, Saturday was for partying.We saw them, grill a'flame at 5PM, multiple coolers being filled, lining up yard games in the parking lot.We asked the Desk Clerk if this was a problem, if my kids might be in danger of being offended. "Oh, no, was the reply,they are great guys, ask them to throw something on the grill for you."

We reluctantly took the rooms. We did not ask for anything on the grill. We did get woken up repeatedly with drinking games and loud revelry. We did get an easy discount on our rooms when we saw the same Clerk the next morning and answered the question " How was everything". But we did not get a good night sleep.

9AM came and we hit the road, turned on Gypsy and our 5 hour arrival changed. Apparently Gypsy doesn't do backward, or account for a bad nights sleep and a tight fitting car ride. She didn't know that we wanted to stop at The Crayola Factory in Easton PA. She didn't know that we wanted to arrive at our friends house at 4PM. She just looked at the distance, our speed and calculated our arrival time.

We left St Clairesville, Ohio at 9 AM, and pulled into the Stewart's Drive in Maplewood New Jersey at 5:00. We still do not know how Crayola Crayons are made.

We are rolling with the schedule, showing ourselves how flexible we are and enjoying our trip. But we had a big oops in calculation on Day 2. But it doesn't do anyone good to be upset with our human calculations, and it really doesn't do any good to yell to yell at Gypsy. She won't react. Just trust me on this.


  1. I will find you the Mr Rogers Neighbors episode where they covered crayon making.
    And what exactly is an Asplundhite?

  2. Hahaha... I know... I've yelled at our GPS many times over. Stupid thing just looks at me and repeats, "You shouldn't have stopped for that Gatorade..."

  3. An Asplundhite is the name you come up with after a couple glasses of wine for someone who is on an Asplundh crew ( think construction projects... the company name is Aspluhdh). that darn GPS, it isn't big on the scenic route.. just wants us there.

  4. I think you have just come up with a million dollar idea...a GPS that actually tells you to get off the most direct route & stop to smell the roses! "Make a U-turn at the next legal opportunity. You missed a really great winery back there."


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