Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Punchy In the Backseat

To say that we are packed tight in the back seat is an understatement. This is really what our legs look like whenever we are in the car. My mother can't drive because of cataracts, and she can't sit in the back seat because of a torn meniscus. The idea was that my father and I would alternate driving. This lasted all of his first turn in the back seat. After that, somehow, he flew to the drivers seat and never let me have the keys. I don't blame him one bit.

We also had this great idea that as we stopped at people's houses our load would lighten. That once we got to Maine, we would be so pared down that we could fit everything in one suitcase and one carry on each. That is not the case. This is the rear view of the car BEFORE we stopped at the Preppy Mecca that is LL Bean in Freeport, ME.

Most of the time we are content back here. We watch the ever changing scenery, marvel at the mountains and evergreens that are becoming more prevalent in Northern New England than they have been so far on our trip. We look at other cars, checking for state license plates that we have yet to see and at outrageous RV or truck rigs that take up far more than their allotted lane. Sometimes I see a minivan exactly the same as mine and wish we were riding in that instead of this wagon. That car has enough room so that when Luke decides to act out his aggressions on his sister, she can get away from him before he punches her.
As we drove from New Hampshire to Maine yesterday we watched the lakes and mountains of NH turn into rugged Maine terrain, rivers, then finally the ocean. By this stage of the trip we know what to expect in the backseat. We know that we will stop for potty breaks in a timely manner and that we don't have to point out every Dunkin Donuts because we will stop at one in the morning. We know that when lunch time rolls near we all start pointing out the fast food restaurant signs and choose as a group. After 10 days we are seasoned travelers. But we get bored. There are not many new things to discover. We have all listened to our playlists at least once, redbox hopped from one state to the next and read all our books.
As we came close to our destination of Boothbay,ME we drove through Bath, ME. This old town has a history of boat building and we drove right past the Bath Iron Works. But this rich history was totally lost on us on day 10. We just kept asking each other questions like, "What is the toy store here called"
" Bath Toys"
" What is the club for all the Matthews called?"
" Bath Matts"
" What is the container store called?"
" Bath Tubs"
Aahh, yes, we visited Pun Land. We were tired and road weary and the lowest of humor was making us laugh ourselves silly.
" What is the Soap store called?"
" What is the Clock store called?"
" What is the Towel store called?"
They just kept coming... someone would ask the question and everyone would yell the answer in unison.
The game ended in a final show stopping explosion as we drove out of town. Bek was trying to get us to say "Bath Drain" but said " What do you call the big hole in the middle of town?"
And Luke yelled in solo and with complete innocence as only an 11 yr old on day 10 in the car can " BATHHOLE!!!!"
If you don't get that you should spend a few days crammed into the backseat of a car.
Or just say it outloud.


  1. Ha ha ha! Thanks Luke, for the great new word!

  2. I'm laughing out loud right now. Through your words, I can picture the scenario clearly! Stay safe.

  3. ROFL!!! Omigosh, that's hilarious!!! My fave blog yet! Bathhole... *giggles*

    And if I'd known you were going to LL Bean I'd have totally given you money to pick me up some slippers. They have the best slippers EVAH!

  4. ahhh it is all so much clearer.

  5. So did you take pictures of the giant bathhole? I'm thinking of starting a collection of bathholes for my cube wall. BATHHOLE BATHHOLE BATHHOLE. Phew, I just had to get that out. :)


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