Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So.. what have you been up to?

I have been absent lately. I don't have any one excuse except to say that life has gotten in the way with my best intentions..again.

This seems to be something that has happened to me quite a bit of late.. and really, I am so ready to figure out why and learn my lesson! Isn't that why we keep having Groundhog Day episodes ( the movie, not the quasi-holiday)? The same thing happens over and over to us until we learn the lesson? I'm not being philosophical or theological here- it's just been my observation in life. Maybe because once we learn the lesson we can prevent the incident happening again.

Let's see, what has been going on? I got thrown off of facebook. That was fun. Not.If you are on there, just a word to the wise.. do not use the message feature in lieu of the chat feature ( even if you can not chat with more than one person at a time and you can message more than one person at a time). The great and powerful Oz.. I mean Facebook Program will think that you are a spammer. Apparently grade school teachers and minors can post pics of them doing illegal acts but a mom can't have a conversation with her peeps about pimple removal. So it goes. Where ya been SusieQ? ( don't call me that, by the way.. I'm not a fan)Lots more free time, right?

No. It got sucked up. First by my kids. They grew quite a bit when I turned my back for just a second. Then there was some more real life opportunities that presented themselves. Like helping to organize a fundraiser that I was ( again) not able to attend at the 11Th hour. I was doing a good thing.. but no... couldn't go. A wonderful time was had by all, and the primary recipient of the event was most grateful.

Why couldn't I go? Oh.. another kid was sick. Don't get me started on that topic again..please. My 4 yr old is still healthy but living in a house with a mom and a sister who are not. Sister has confirmed strep. Mom has some crud and a fever but not a sore throat so she is taking two tylenol and toughing it out. The 4 yr old probably won't go to school tomorrow because I would feel TERRIBLE if he was the reason a strep-ademic started in preschool.

I also have been under the spell of The Bachelor. I know, it's not entirely real. It's cheesy. It objectifies women and makes a mockery of marriage. But I am a sucker for it so I will own it. I like The Bachelor.

At the end of every season of The Bachelor or Bachelorette I end up screaming at the TV the same things. Same monologue. It doesn't matter if I thought the guy was a yutz and only watched the first couple episodes-- 'cuz I ALWAYS watch the finale. Every season with the exception of Trista and Ryan and then I bawled like a baby. I'm not proud.

" I was manipulated by this show!"
" If he really wanted marriage he would NOT have picked her!"
" What a farce!"
" I used to like him but now--ugh.. they deserve each other.. the idiot and the 'ho!"
" Which one is trying to get an acting career? This sucks! So stupid!"
" I am NEVER watching this show again! I will not be played with like this EVER AGAIN!"

And yet, a few months pass, I see the ads and think.. oh, maybe this is the season.. this is the guy who makes the fairytale work. And oooh, ABC heard me because they got the most sincere- but ultimately messed up guy ever. And he had a young son! Who would put their kid through this unless they were sincere. AND he had his heart broken last season so he is definitely in this for the right reason.

If you watched like I did, I won't recap it-- and if you didn't-- well, good for you. It's not an easy show to watch. Let us just say I was screaming the same thing that I always do at the finale. Word for flipping word.

If anyone knows anyone at ABC, perhaps they could pass on this idea: a DOUBLE bachelorette season. Jillian AND Melissa. 50 guys. Maybe they will both be attracted to the same guys, maybe not... maybe just a little overlap. It could be very entertaining.Cut down on the time fillers they have to use to fill those 2 hours a week.

Most importantly it will double my chances of liking at least ONE outcome. Doubles the chances of ONE outcome being the fairytale that we know, in our hearts, isn't real but still each season wish for.

It was just announced that Jillian ( yay! LOVED her--was ready to move to Canada and marry her myself) is the next bachelorette. But unless the filming is done.. is it something to think about.

These are some of the deep, life altering events that have kept me from here. yeeeeaaahh... maybe that is the lesson I am supposed to be learning : GET A LIFE!


  1. Yes, and facebook has not been the same without you. And, btw, you sent your ick over here. I've had the chest/throat crud for about three days now and today... DS... stomach ick.

  2. Yay! You are back! Sorry to hear you are ill. Don't send it across 169. this way. Other than my allergies(?) we are well. Hope you get on FB soon. Of course, I just started a LTS job, so my FB time is way limited. Probably a good thing.

  3. Just saw this blog, who knew I could have looked at it all last week when I was jonesin' for my Susan fix!

    So timely, though, since I was just about to call you Susie Q. on a 'forbidden' thread. :)


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