Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shameless attempt to Win

I will make this brief:

I have entered a contest for Mommy Bloggers to win the use of Chevy Traverse for 8 weeks, gas money and some activities thrown in. In exchange I get to blog all about the experience. I see no downside to this.. none... total Win/Win!

On the application there was room for one blogsite and 50 words as to why I should be chosen. I'm going to take advantage of my own space here to add a few more words as this was the blogsite I directed them to. If you are a decider, thank you for checking me out. If you are someone else, just go laugh your butts off at my pathetic groveling. I MAJORED in pathetic groveling in college ( I think they called it Public Relations, though).

In addition to this site, I also blog on a fairly regular basis on I also am a VERY regular contributor to that sites message boards. So regular, in fact, that I am the number one poster on the site since it's debut November 2007. I am proud to say that I am generally considered fair and humorous by the moms on the site. Go check me out-- my screen name is sahmiam43.

In addition to participating in the fun on the site, I am a member of the Moms Panel . This elite ( I told you you would laugh, girls) group of moms have become regular faces on the Monday Moms Page in the Kansas City Star. It doesn't sound like much, I know, but I have actually been recognized for this around town. The ladies at the bank and the pharmacy are VERY impressed. I also have gotten rather odd phone calls from old women in the KC Metro area who see the page and hunt me down. While I handle the calls with respect, I won't deny the first one creeped me out a little bit. One call which began with a discussion of the genealogy of my name was rather lengthy. She didn't buy my usual answer of " it's a married name. You have to love someone to take that name."

If I didn't convey that I really am coveting a Traverse in my 50 words application..well, no offense, but maybe you should go reread it. I really have talked about it quite a bit. My mother in law thinks it might be her next car. I kid you not! I have been sold on this car for quite awhile. My husband however isn't. Dang.. this would totally push him over the edge. He's close. We are a Chevy family... having owned SEVERAL Cavaliers over the years and currently he drives a Trailblazer. See the picture? That is him STILL not being sold. See what I'm dealing with? I know...

Ok, so it wasn't as brief as I intended- I never am. Thanks for reading. Hope to talk with you soon!

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