Friday, February 6, 2009

If it's Friday- the bathrooms must be clean

I'm one of those SAHMs who keeps a routine. Mondays I change and wash the sheets, Tuesdays I dust. I do 2 loads of laundry every day but I can skip one day, which one is flexible. Wednesday is usually saved for big special projects like cleaning out a closet or tackling my hoarding daughters room or organizing the spice drawer. Thursdays I shop. Friday I clean the bathrooms.. . My least favorite household chore. Why I save it for Fridays I don't know. I actually don't know why I do any of these chores on the day I do them. I just always have.

Before you think I am one of those stuck in structure people, stop! I'm not. I'm a serious fly by the seat of my pants, live in the moment, seriously spontaneous type. But when it comes to chores, if I don't assign a day, they really don't get done. Can't have that, can we? I stay home, I'm supposed to have a spotless house ALL THE TIME.

I happen to know for a fact, that this is one of those big hairy myths that we trade about. SAHMS houses should always be clean, and a from scratch meal is on the table each night. WOHM moms houses don't get messy because they are never there and they have a cleaning lady. They also eat fast food 3 out of 5 nights. SAHMS have the time and flexibility to volunteer at schools.SAHMS are not bright or good conversationalists because they chose to let their marketable skills slide. WOHM work harder because they are juggling more. WOHMs pay the PTA dues and never venture to a meeting. SAHM spend time each day doing crafts and homeschooling whatever child they have at home. WOHM put the kids in daycare and call it " school" to help them feel better about their choice. ALL MYTHS.

I'm not saying that some of those things aren't true for some moms. I know SAHMS with really clean houses-- but I also know WOHMs whose homemade dinners are much better than what I feed my family each night. I want to eat there. They tell me what they are having and when asked what we are having I'll tell them in french.. "Pain et Oeuf" sounds so much more labor intensive than "eggs and toast." I mean, I was home ALL DAY... I can surely rustle up a roast, right? No. Not today.

More myths that I will confess to busting: I have only paid my PTO dues every year and never once went to a meeting. Although my oldest child is in Middle School now, I have not once been a Room Mom. Crafts and education every day? Sure , we do crafts sometimes... but not every day. Keeping the baby books updated and scrap-booking? I did keep all the baby books updated until they turned one. However, I have pictures still to be put in albums from when my middle child was 2. He just celebrated his 10th birthday. Perpetually Clean house? My house is cleaned every day. It is also messied every day. At some points during the day the Clean House ladies could show up and pull out the fancy gloves ready to go to work. They might not find much dust ( on Tuesdays) but the boys do have aim and flush issues.

I know that I am not some rebel mom-- I've seen other SAHMS houses and cars -- I know that I am not alone in the amount of clutter I allow. We have talked, I know that we are not all Room Mom material. We all have our own versions of Breakfast Foods for Dinner. I get myself into trouble when I think I have to live up to the myths. That is when I feel bad. But only on Thursdays. That is my Have Guilt day.


  1. Thank goodness Thursday only happens once a week. I think I'm going to steal your routine, it sounds pretty fabulous. Maybe if I assign a day for everything, I won't just get overwhelmed and settle for doing the bare minimum (dishes & clothes.)

  2. Ooo, routines! I believe I am about to get a crash course in building routines! Speaking of cleaning habits, you saw my house once or twice. Now, subtract 2,500 sq ft (yep- that leaves about 500) and a social life. Add 5 dogs, 11 goats, 26 chickens, 2 horses, 5 cats, and a husband. Thankfully they don't all live inside! :) I love the day of week method and I think I will have to commit to one...scary word, huh! Beth (sorry for the Mrs. Hines deal. I started this with a blog for my classroom)


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