Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not about vodka

And it's not about candy or mommy bloggers or recipes...although I know that you like that stuff. It's about mothers and daughters and that the issues surrounding coming-of-age are not entirely related to the time that it happens. 1950's, 1970's or now...times change, but sometimes they don't.

It's about what happens when you wish for something and it comes true.

It's about rock and roll, and sailing, and art and there is a mermaid involved in the mix mostly because I dig mermaids.

It's my nanowrimo project and it came in just under 60K on November 28 which is when I got to The End. That was my goal, write the whole thing- Once Upon a Time to The End- in a month. I'm in the process of filling in the chapters that were a little light, and then I'm going to go back and probably re-write the darn thing. And because I seem to only work well with a deadline, I'm giving myself one: my birthday. February 1st.

Lofty, I know. 

What did I learn this year, my second nano? Hmm...not sure. It was a more social year- I joined two nanowrimo groups which was fun. I met some really interesting people and that experience enriched my process. I also got to see that some who I already knew were just as crazy committed to the project as I was, and that shared history can only deepen our friendships. Writing wise, I'm not sure. I learned a lot this past year about style and pace and basic format (and a bunch of other stuff) I don't think that I can attribute these lessons to nano or not. And really, this makes some seriously boring blog reading especially since I am not a published novelist.

Now it's December. Life has yet to return to a normal pace. It's Christmas, and my house was a wreck after nano. Beckett and I wanted to keep as much on our podcasting schedule as possible so we are putting a lot of energy into that. The one we recorded yesterday--going out on a limb here- may be my most favorite one yet!

Anyway, I realize that this is not a very compelling post (which is why I won't pimp it...hahaha) but I wanted to get down in writing that I finished Nano. I got to the required 50K words in 19 days to earn my web badge. And then I got to the end. 

I may post a chapter here at some point. Some people have asked me to. If I can figure out if they want to read it to see if I'm a horrible writer or because they are genuinely interested- I might do it. But it will be stealth. Like this one.

Ninja-style...ooh, a ninja-mermaid...I may have my next project idea....



  1. postachapterpostachapterpostachapterpostachapterpostachapterpostachapter...

    I want to read it out of genuine interest, and the style you use to describe it here makes me want to read it all the more. If that is the style/tone of the book, then it is right up my reading alley...

    PS - Congrats on finishing and going above and beyond the 50k mark!

  2. Ninja Mermaid? I'm in! Congrats on the writing. Maybe someday you will share ... and maybe someday I'll have time to read again.


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