Thursday, November 10, 2011

And now it's just getting messy

Last night, on Day 9, I hit the 30K mark on my NaNo (out of 50K for a win). I still love my story, love my characters, love my plot and am about to dive into the second half of the novel- although I am well past the halfway point of NaNo.

It occurred to me that I neglected to tell my family that I wanted to get to THE END this month...not just THE END OF NaNoWriMo. They are thinking,"Cool! She's almost there! We get her back!"

But I'm thinking,"I wonder how I'm going to get to THE END this month without my family staging an intervention and hiding the battery to my laptop."

But no time for that now--I have real work to do....and more work on my NaNo. But to show you how messy my physical life is getting ( all that family drama is gonna be messy, too)..

I present:
30K- A Photo Ess-ay
Little fresher than at 15K, not much...but I smell better.
"Mommy can I have a lollipop?" "Uh yeah, whatever." 8 AM. *sigh*
I think the kids are finding ways to cope.
Yes, it's a little dusty.
OK! I get it! It's a LOT dusty.
This is a passive aggressive hint that I should take the trash out.  I'm going to leave it there as a hint that I'm not the only one capable of taking the trash out.
Under ordinary circumstances, these get put in dishwasher right after breakfast. Under NaNo circumstances, they sit there until I'm making dinner then I multi-task.
Uh. WHAT? The grocery fairy isn't coming today?? I see a dinner in, keilbasa and pickle stirfy? Pickles are vegetables, right?

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  1. Pickle-kielbasa stirfry in a Gatorade reduction...gotta have some sort of sauce, right?


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