Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mom Hair Cuts: As Bad as You Think

There are two versions to this tale, Luke's and The Truth.

Luke claims he came to me and asked me to de-boof (thin) the sides of his hair.

My version (ie: The Truth) indeed has him coming to me, but he asked for a cut like Brian has. I know this cut because I do it for Brian. #3 buzz.

I put the #3 guide on the electric clippers and zap his whole head.

But Luke has had long, shaggy hair all his life. It's been his style, and I like how it looks on him. Suits his wild and goofy personality. He had come to me several times, and I told him "maybe" which, in this house, means, "I highly doubt it but I don't want to tell you why now."

But the other day he got me in a wild mood.

   "Mom, can you cut my hair like Dad's?"

   "No, but I will give you a #4 which is just a little longer. Go get the clippers."

He was back with the cutting stuff and a chair in a nanosecond, very eager to get this done. The other kids stood around because they knew this was going to be entertaining. We didn't let him look in any reflective surfaces until he was standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Because a picture is worth -- you know, a lot of words--you can easily read this story:

Yeah, that worked out pretty well.

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  1. IT looks AWESOME!!!! Way to go Mom and Luke


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