Monday, November 9, 2009

A Perfect Illness

In a Perfect Storm, forces align to create an unusual situation, one that is unreplicable. One strange thing on top of another occurs and the end result would be astonishing if it were not so bad. We stare in awe, knowing that this is the one and only time we will ever witness such a phenomenon.

This past weekend I experienced The Perfect Illness.

Drama much, Susan?

In the middle of last week I began to have a sore throat. Then a headache. Then I was a little tired and stuffy, but it was tolerable. Until it wasn't.

Thursday night the body aches and fever started.Sleep wasn't something I wanted, it was something I needed. Brian, who has the symptoms of H1N1 taped to the medicine cabinet,diagnosed me. No swabbing needed.

In the past, whenever I have been sick, I pretty much continued most of my chores and responsibilities. Moms don't take breaks. Brian helped when he could, but his job was outside the home.

Now the kids are getting older. They can now help out. This go around, Beks and Luke took on some extra chores. They helped with cleaning, laundry and cooking.

Brian has an unusual job, and while it isn't slow at this time of year, his schedule now can be a bit flexible. He was able to take Noah to work with him on Thursday and Friday. We decided that I could be sick for three full days- Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We added Sunday as a final recoup day , just in case. Schedules were moved, compromises were made and all I had to do was sleep through the plan.

Friday is my normal weekly shopping day, but Brian took care of that after he dropped Noah at school. My only job was to sleep. Which I did very well. Laying still on my sick couch, pot of tea and phone within reach I lay still and drifted in and out of sleep. Moving hurt. I made a pot of chicken soup ( easy version.. broth, noodles and veggies- 15 minutes done.)I filled a pitcher with one of those weird beverage concoctions that only sound good when you are ill. This version: ice tea and orange/pineapple juice.

We had taken on house and dog sitting for someone we know very well in our town. On Friday night Beks and I moved into the house. She would help out with the dogs and I claimed my turf, draping the living room sofa with my sheets and blankie. Ok, come on, we all have a blankie, right? Maybe it's a well worn quilt, cherished crocheted afghan or , in my case, a soft fleece king size blanket.

Mid afternoon on Saturday I turned the corner and began to feel well again. You know, Saturday? Day 3 of 3 scheduled? This NEVER happens! I am the Plan Q girl, Plan A working? I always wondered what this felt like.

What did it feel like? The weather was stunning here this weekend. I took the dog for a short walk, and sat on a sunny porch and read a book in silence. The house is beautiful, quiet and spacious without any other people there. There was no lingering projects, no "To Do When I Feel Better" list staring at me. Full offering of satellite TV was at my fingertips, stocked fridge within a few feet, and my blankie wrapped around me. My daughter getting me drinks, checking on me but mostly just keeping to her self.If you have to be feeling like crap on a stick, this was the place to do it

What did it feel like? It felt like a sick spa.

Sunday I felt better with each passing hour. My coloring returned, my aches diminished and I only took one hour long nap. I vacuumed the house,did our laundry including washing my blankie. I opened the windows, cleaned anything I had touched but really, took it easy.

Monday morning came like it always has, early. I roused the girl-child, and got her to school fed and with a lunch packed by 7:30. When we got into the car, I honestly couldn't remember driving it over. That was a bit scary, but now I felt refreshed and energized and ready to face the week.

What did I walk in on at my own home? The boys had been bachelors all weekend,I thought I was going to walk in on the remnants of the party.

But this is what I saw: The sheets had all been changed, the house had been vacuumed, and the bathrooms had all been cleaned. There was only one small load of laundry for me to do. As is his way, there was a list on the kitchen table of things Brian had noticed that I could fix or change or clean this week. When I got a chance. Overall it was a pleasant surprise. It was NOT what I had expected to see.

That was my perfect illness. Usually I write about common experiences in this space, but I doubt that anyone else could have this work out this way. Had I gotten sick at any other time the situation would be different.I would have been writing about being sick while shuttling kids, refereeing disagreements and how many times I was screamed awake with a "MOOOOM!!!"

Since I did not go to the doctor I can only guess as to what I had. There is much debate over the h1n1 vaccine. Should my family get it? Should we pass? I did not get the vaccine. But what I am fairly certain of is that I got this illness getting my children the vaccine the week before.I'm not sure if that is a PRO or Con arguement. Getting it, and not getting it, worked out fairly well for us.

Clear much, Susan?

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