Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Portal to my psyche

No offense intended to Britney Spears ( this time)... but there are, indeed, two types of people in this world. But from where I sit, it's not Performers and Observers--but, instead, Fridge Decorators and Non- Fridge Decorators. I have developed this theory based on years of kitchen table visits. Um, yeah. that is my only research tool. I'm not claiming science here--- but I've noticed a few things:

Fridge Decorators generally are a creative lot. Fun to be around, they often tend to be spontaneous and can roll with the punches. They have a hard time staying on task as they often bear off course and are easily distracted,but, eventually, the job is gets done. Usually by skidding to the finish line with pit stains and a soiled Mickey Mouse T-shirt.They will easily admit to their flaws but usually make a joke about it as they do.

The FD is a good cook. They are not great bakers. Baking is a science, after all and cooking is an art. When you ask a Fridge Decorator for a recipe they fake the amounts because they don't usually measure. It is very hard to duplicate the recipes of a Fridge Decorator. If they have recipes it is for inspiration and are torn out of some print media and shoved into a binder. Maybe.

When it comes to clothing choices, the FD will wear the beaded necklace the 5 yr old brings home. Their wardrobe leans toward comfy over stylish. Familiar over avant guard. As a matter of fact, the Fridge Decorator will wear a kid beaded necklace over a current style top to make the outfit more fun. Fun over fashion.

The Non Fridge Decorator is tidy and orderly. They can act spontaneously, it is after all, a survival mechanism of a Mom-- but prefer to go according the the schedule. They are very task oriented and are great at making - and completing- lists. Their lives are very full and a sense of order keeps it all flowing. They have a successful She Who Must Be Obeyed aura.

A NFD is a great baker. They can whip up some very impressive and perfect tortes. They actually know what a torte is. If they are cooking inclined ( as some NFD's prefer to not cook if at all possible) they are very skilled and possess an impressive cookbook and recipe collection. They always measure and the finished dish is pretty to look at. At some point they serve a dish on fire.. not because they forgot it was in the oven, but because it's cool. Very cool.

The NFD usually has a nifty wardrobe. She coordinates and actually knows the names of designers. She can tell you in detail where and how much she paid for an entire outfit. She sees and embraces the benefit of having more than two pairs of boots. She loves the beaded necklace the 5 yr old brings home, shows it off and may wear it... if it coordinates with her outfit.

Just like the Working Outside vs Inside the Home Mom discussion--- both styles are equally perfect. Both are equally imperfect. One works with the strengths of the mom involved. When a Non Fridged Decorator sees a Fridge Decorators Fridge she thinks " How colorful! I should put more than our family schedule on our fridge...but I would tidy up all the stuff up a bit..."

When a Fridge Decorator spots the sparkly clean non decorated refrigerator she thinks " Wow, I should clean up my fridge... that looks so nice.. hey, what would make it look better is a flamingo magnet..."

Whatever the style, both should accept it and embrace that they know who they are, and it works in their lives. Just like us Mamas should.
( Thanks to Kate.. .got an idea from her M2M blog)


  1. Love it! Great way to mommy styles. Our house has more of a "wall decorator" right now..

  2. I am SO a FD! There have been times I've worried the thing would fall through the floor under the weight of all the stuff tacked to it. And your scientific observations, as far as I go... are right on target, girl!

  3. This is so much softer & happier than the sahm/wohm battles -- I love it!!!

  4. What do you call someone who is in between a FD and a Non-FD?

  5. An Non-FD with an FD complex.

  6. Great posts. I agree with you impressions of the FD and NFD. It's amazing. As I think of all my friends and their fridges, their personalities really do match your descriptions!

    I also love your blog. I've read all the way down to March 4th, I think it was. But alas, I must get back to work. But don't fret, I'm going to bookmark you and come back.

    Take care,


  7. ....and mammiabunchanumbers makes 20!! You don't know the happy dance I just did!!It's kinda silly.. but forgive me for just a moment while I feel really good about myself that I have 20 of you in my FOLLOWERS box...pause..ok... thanks for that moment!!

    Thank you!

  8. just now got a chance to read this,,,you are hilarious. i am an fd tweenie. i have a few on front, and a bunch 'on the side' i am a lurking FD? or a closet FD..maybe a NFD wannabe. dont know. but its fun to read!


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