Friday, April 24, 2009

A note from The Box To The Left

No one reading this knows how much watching that box of followers on this page is thrilling me. I really didn't think anyone would read this at all, so seeing 20 faces in that Box To The Left really does motivate me. Someone is reading and listening. WOW! I can go a full day in my real life, with my children and husband and wonder-- is anyone listening? Hello? Is this thing on? But seeing you 20... it is the visual equivalent of pinching myself. Without the pain ,of course.

So, I got this note today from one of you:

"updated your sahm i am blog? just sayin'. the fridge has been there for about uploading some pics of all these outdoor projects you been into?(this is your conscience speaking)"

Dear Conscience-

Thank you for your recent inquiry into my blog. While it is true that I did commit to one a week, I may also point out that I did indeed write a potentially award winning entry just the other day, that got totally deleted when I hit " PUBLISH POST". I have yet to recover.

The subject of my never to be retrieved prose was my near obsession levels of gardening. This activity is taking up all my time and most of my brain power. I end the day sweaty and dirty .. and not in the naughty lingerie way. Noah, my gardening companion, has been trapped inside all winter. He is a bit like a Catholic Schoolgirl when she gets to put on real clothes and go out without Daddy watching-- pretty wild. I have had to retrain him as to his boundaries and accepted activities while outside. And that the right answer to " in or out" is not " BOTH!" That when I say " we are going outside, go to the bathroom". DO IT! Do NOT wait until I am up to my elbows in mud to dash inside and scream " I POOOOOPPPPPPEED!" at the top of your lungs.

On a side note, I see that the upcoming weather forecast is for rain and we both know how prolific a blogger I can be on a nice rainy day. Or several. April showers bring blooming blogs.

If you don't mind, I will sign off for now. I have 30 minutes to clean 3 bathrooms, it is Friday after all. I also have to get cupcakes into the oven for the Girl Scout Bake sale tomorrow. We have been baking cookies all week, a wonderful Mother/Daughter activity. However,somehow when we went to fill the containers for the sale, the quantity was a bit suspicious. (That was a valuable lesson that the freezer is not a good cookie hiding spot. ) So we have to bake a dozen cupcakes to do our part ( yes, " our" scouting, it's a family affair) . I'm quite unsure as to how this will be accomplished as we have no eggs. I have not had time to go to the grocery store either.

Perhaps my gardening has gone over the edge into FULL OBSESSION LAND. I hope they have snowglobes in the souvenir shop there.

Thank you for your concern.



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