Monday, January 12, 2009

Not another mommy blogger!

Oh yeah, totally another mommy blogger.What makes me think I'm funnier, wittier a better writer than any other mommy blogger?

 Nuthin. Not a damn thing.

 But I can say this, I have been on the job a heck of a lot longer than some. Going on 13 years this year. Stay At HOME mom.. not even a part time job. I see some moms quitting, heading back to a job that pays some coin early on. Or maybe as soon as the kids go back to school ( when is that exactly because our school district has more off days than on). I hear them high fiving at the bus stop " FINALLY! Jake is in school, I can get out of the house!" Jake is going to kindergarten, he is your only child. By my calculations that puts you on the SAHM job for MAX of 6 years. Congrats, I say. Every woman should live up to her potential, she should use her gifts to better mankind or her wardrobe whatever ways she can. Go for it! Exchange the problems of staying at home with the problems of juggling a career and family. The grass might not be greener but you won't know until you hit the pasture.

What I don't say is this: my mom worked full time. She told me that when I grew up I could be whatever I wanted to be. She was an excellent role model for living your life, not the life your parents wanted for you or society says you should do.The life you want to create with the gifts you possess. While I believed what she said, I saw all the kids who came home to a parent, not an empty house. I saw parents who made their kids sit down and do homework right after school and were available to help. I envied the lunches these kids had, as I ate the one I had prepared the night before. Yes, learning how to cook dinner at age 9 was very responsible and I am grateful that I learned to cook. But we took turns, my 2 brothers and I, cooking dinner. Taught us self sufficiency, for sure, but those mom cooked dinners at my friends houses were mighty tasty in comparison to the fish sticks and chili beans on my plate. Most kids went home to a stay at home mom. It was how things were done. My parents came home a few hours later than we did.

Don't' get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm merely pointing out the differences in lifestyles. I had, by any standard a rockin' childhood. To describe it would make anyone say " idyllic" " exciting" " wonderful!" and it was all those things and made me what I am today.

 But I followed in my moms footsteps and went the road less traveled. Now, on the cusp of my 46th birthday I am in the minority. While more moms join the workforce each day, I chose to stay home. In doing so I hope that I teach my three children that they too can do anything they want with the gifts they have been given.

So that, in a nutshell ,is why I am slightly different that just another mommy blogger. I'm an EXPERIENCED mommy who happens to be blogging.

Note: November 2011: Hi! I totally appreciate you going back into the archives and seeing how my blog started. I almost cringe reading this post, but in the interest of ..I have no idea- integrity? History? A step-on-the-path-ability? Whatever the reason, it seems wrong to edit it from this vantage point. I'll leave it. And cringe. :) Susan 


  1. Right on momma. Me staying home is a choice, just like some choose to go to work. Full or part time they made that choice. I choose to stay home. It is what I want to do and am sick and tired of people thinking I took the easy way out. Or that I did this because I am lazy and don't want to work. I AM WORKING. Clothes and homes don't clean themselves.
    I am so glad you are doing this.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you started a blog. I really enjoy reading your writing.

    You know my story. I'm itching to get back to outside-of-the-home work, which means the classroom. I don't handle the SAHM gig very well. Basically, I'm a crappy SAHM. I wish with all of my heart I enjoyed it more, but the reality is something else altogether. I wish I could take the girls with me to work. That would be the ideal, and they would rock my classroom. I'm just thankful I have a choice.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you ...

  3. Oh, but you are funnier, wittier and a better writer than most mommy bloggers.

  4. Hey I am am mommy blogger too and I have done both the at home and at work thing. The at home thing is WAY more challenging, but WAY more rewarding. I am even considering home schooling (which seems to be gaining popularity). I say if it works for you, go for it!


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