Thursday, May 3, 2012

..and now a word from Klout

I have said it before: I don't get Klout. 

Sure, I sort of  understand it, I just don't see a purpose for it in my life. I have a profile and sometimes I will check it, but honestly, I don't play the Klout game. I don't give +K to other people, mostly because I am never on there. I never invite friends, rarely play around with the tools and understand about half of what the stats show.

I also am not as prolific a social media poster as some, so my score and reach will always be limited. I'm fine with that, not competitive about it and really I only am on there for one main reason.

Sometimes the stuff Klout tells me that I am influential in makes my freaking day. Today I saw this:

Nice guess, Klout. If I am on the internet, I MUST be influential in cats. It's a requirement. And not even, cats...but with a capital C- Cats. All formal like.

I don't have a cat. I am highly allergic to cats, so much so that I can't even go to some people's very clean houses because of one cat. (And, FYI, putting the cat in the bathroom/bedroom/basement makes no difference to cat allergy sufferers. The stuff is in the air, no matter how often you vacuum. There isn't anything you can do. But thank you for trying.)

When we have home shopped, and the place is vacant, I had to lay on the carpet to see if I had a reaction before we would sign on the dotted line.

Cats crap in my flowerbeds and dig up my bulbs attempting to hide said crap.

I can't stand cats.

So, saying I am influential in cats cracks me up.

Although not as much as the second thing I am most influential in (according to Klout): 

I laughed about that one a while back. Ok, yeah, I sort of have a little pride in that one.

But the list is 11 items long! What's on the list? After those three:

Football? I can't stand football! If I was influential  in it at all, there would be NO football. And Texas teams? Huh what? I have never lived in Texas and if I had to pick a favorite team, it would be the Patriots- who are not on the list because I never talk football. Ever. OK, sometimes I say I don't like it.

I have to say, the end of the list kinda stings:

After football, which I can't stand, comes family and blogging. The two things that if asked, I would like to think that I knew a little about.


After vodka, cats and football  Klout thinks I am influential in things that I actually care about.

That makes me laugh at Klout.

(And at the smartasses who +K me in stuff. Thank you for the laugh! You are my people!)

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