Sunday, July 3, 2011

I was expecting more from you....

This is the line that I imagine people who read this blog say. You are expecting more. More entries. More pictures. More chuckles.

Line forms here, baby!

I was expecting more from me, too. But, I did say that my posts would be sporadic and only when I had something I wanted to say without a filter.

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But here is my reason for this post. What's going on with me is fairly boring--this summer has been filled with surgeries and illness and middle class financial responsibilities--- hasn't been filled with much fun and laughter. Right now, for instance, Noah and I are home on a Sunday morning because both of us have strep. We are not contagious, but he has the rash still-- as well as one from a drug allergy to the first med he was on. And I have that side effect from strong antibiotics that kill the good bacteria in my belly. Lovely. Yeah, that's the story of my summer. 

Who wants to read about that? Oh sure, it's funny that I forgot that the last time he was on this med (about a month ago) the doc thought he might be allergic and I totally spaced when we went to urgent care this time--- and was shocked to see a rash the next day, so I paid another co-pay to take him to his regular doc who had it right there in his chart." May be allergic to..."  Bonehead Mom Award. yay.

And the thrill my kids got when I FINALLY joined the 20-tweens and signed us up for Netflix was embarrassingly entertaining. Really, when the highlight of a summer is getting every episode of Billy the Exterminator, H2O or 1000 Ways to Die streamed to the wii---well, it's a pretty dry summer, ya know? That just gives a glimmer as to what is going on with me.

But what is going on with YOU? Is my boring rubbing off in my posts? Am I not controversial enough? Fine- I am not. Ok, that's a given...but I just told you I let my kids watch 1000 Ways to Die! It's a horrible show! I let my kids eat sugary cereals and have days when we have s'more eating contests, too! And let them ride scooters without helmets on! And..and...they watch way too much TV. On NICE days! Yeah, ok, I'm not controversial.

But am I boring?

I see you, you know. Ok, not YOU--I don't see you, I don't know who you are or anything...but I can see how many people come here and- not to brag- it's way more than just the followers list. Yeah, I'm no dooce (everyone bow), or Pioneer one is going to be asking me to write a book based on this blog. But I do ok for the purpose here.

But the comment section is kinda light.

Here is the thing: blogggers like me, here, we get paid in hits and comments. It's like the dollars and cents of our work. It's how we know we are being heard and entertaining or enlightening or making you feel like a better person than us which is totally ok, too.

Maybe we are using our blogs as a place to vomit out our thoughts into the great wide beyond. (Guilty) 

Maybe we are hoping to polish our craft to someday make some real coin.( Guilty)

 Maybe we are hoping to just find out if there are any Meeee Toooooos out there and give voice to the common mistakes and lessons we all face so we don't feel like the crappiest mom on the planet (Totally and completely guilty).

But we like some response.

And I am totally lacking in response. And it's beginning to eat away at my already fragile ego. *whimper*

I'm going to throw some random pictures of things of this summer out there now, because we all like pictures, right? Plus it might give you something to comment on. ( Most pathetic hint ever..and you thought the pimp up there was bad!).

Luke's idea of a white button down shirt and tie: three button golf shirt and clip on tie. For a choir concert. He was so proud of this that he took his own picture--with my camera. I guess that meant he wanted everyone to see him. (And a glimpse of my messy kitchen/ Does ANYONE know how to close cabinet doors!?)

Noah not only has entirely too many shoes for a 6 year old boy, but his organizational powers both thrill and concern me.

My area of geekspertise is gardening. And these are my gardening shoes. Nasty, huh? God, I love slipping my feet into those shoes.

This tree is struggling to survive because my genius husband decided the best way to avoid weed whacking was to outline my yard and around the trees...with Round-up.

Bekah will be going to high school. This is the night of her middle school graduation. She is having some issues, the least of which is that her mom makes her pose in public places by goofy signs.

Hope that your summer is going well, and better than mine--comment and tell me how pathetic my summer and comment plea is!!!



  1. Oh, Susan! You are not being ignored. In my case, I think of myself as boring. My summer has been no more exciting than yours. Except for going to my 50th high school reunion a couple weeks ago, summer has consisted of yard work, yard work, yard work and taking care of Allen. Fortunately, I thrive on digging in the garden and doing physical work out there. And I love Allen and don't mind tending to his needs. Unfortunately, he hates not being able to tend to his own needs and to not being out there tending his roses and tomatoes, etc. Anyhow, all this to say that I enjoy your blogs. I enjoy what is going on in your life. It's like sitting down with you at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee. Keep it up!

  2. And the other thing I was trying to say with all those words, is that sometimes I don't comment because I think of myself as boring much of the time.

  3. Aw, thank you Lucy! I would love to be sitting down to coffee with you trading tales! And you are NOT boring AT ALL! :)

  4. Response.

    (that is enough, right? Hahaha! Just kidding...I am the worst blog reader ever, which makes me the worst blog responder ever, I suppose! When I get around to it though, I do thoroughly enjoy your blog!).

  5. I am trying a new tv rule. Only in the morning before we leave and during lunch. So far I am not sure who wishes the rule would die more. Me or them. But then I can't give in, because then what kinda example am I giving? Scream enough and mom caves. So we all suffer. In extremely loud fashion. I think a new rule will be mom won't scream if you won't scream. Or something to that effect.

  6. That's a good rule. Tell me how it works out for you! ( although I whine/scream far more than my kids so I'm pretty sure that rule won't fly here. Or else I'll be in a looooong time out..hmmmm)

    Malea! Yes! Even a, "hi." is a great response!!!:)

  7. Meeeeeeeeeeee Toooooooooooooooo! I am notorious for reading blogs and never commenting. I always think, "I'll come back when: a) I have more time; b) I have something clever to say; or c) Ok. I don't have a "c", but I like things in three's. It please my need for symmetry." Yeah, I totally screwed up the punctuation here. I promise I will do better with the comment, both here and in the blogosphere in general.

  8. Wow. Your summer sounds so much more entertaining than mine at this point...

  9. totally understand the ego breaking from lack of responses. But Susan, even if I don't comment every time, you always make me wish I could grow up to be a bit more like you, JB, and Erma Bombeck. Also, LOVED the pictures.

  10. *Blush* Thank you, Mrs M. That ego stroke shall carry me a very long way!!!


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