Saturday, December 18, 2010

Worst. Blogger. Ever?

Based on my last post, I can, without a doubt, call my re-commitment to this blog an epic fail. " I'm going to post more often" yeah....sure. To my credit, I do post original material on every Saturday.

In my defense, like a lot of us, I've been busy. Three kids, one anxiety riddled husband..yadda yadda..makes for a very busy life!!  And I have been busy writing, but who wants to write about writing? Ok, maybe some people, but not me. I A) haven't been doing it long enough to share any hard earned wisdom and B) think it's like writing about eating...if you enjoy it, just go do it for yourself because anything that I say will not be the same type of experience that you have.

Anyway, I will share a couple little nuggets:

Nugget #1 I spent the month of November writing a novel.With the guidance and sense of community that NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month) brings ( see: ) I completed the mission.

 Of course, it may never be seen by anyone besides my critique group and my mom--but the sense of accomplishment was extraordinary to me. And Bekah wrote alongside me doing the teen version of NaNoWrMo. And she finished as well. Within minuted of each other. We screamed and laughed and danced to Party In The USA. It was really one of those Mother/Daughter moments that lifetime movies are made of. I mean, if sitting around yelling at our laptops, talking to ourselves, laughing for no apparent reason-- for a month was compelling viewing. I think writing a novel is only a spectator sport in Misery.

Nugget #2: Taking a halfway decent Christmas card photo is very time consuming, and family bond testing. the one above took THREE sessions, several location and outfit changes ( Really? you want to wear a t-shirt that says " Awesome begins with me?") and by the time that shot was taken we all were mad at each other. And, that is not the shot that the fam picked for the actual Christmas card, but I look better in this one so..yeah...

Nugget #3: Life is hard. And just when you think you have it all figured out, it gets harder.

Nugget #4: When life gets really hard and you fall to the floor in a sobbing temper tantrum and yell  to God that you can't take it anymore, He either says " yes, of course you can. Get your butt up off the floor." Or he hugs you and says " It's ok, My Love, something wonderful will happen very soon and you will be embarrassed that you threw this temper tantrum. But I still love you."

So, while my keeping this blog updated is second on my WORST list ( first has to be my ability to maintain a Twitter presence. I stink. Awful.), today, I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas!!!

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  1. I make that same recommitment to my blog regularly. You are still much better at blogging than I am...and you are better at it than I ever will be.

    But, I have to say that I love your nugget about God's response to our temper tantrums. So totally true!


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