Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming soon to a page near you

As of this past Monday all of my children are back at school. Tiny Tot began his Pre-K year with very little fanfare. He did ' let" me take a picture of him at home before he headed off. He isn't wearing lipstick, he cut his lip playing wiffle ball with Daddy. (For those keeping score that is Wiffle Ball Injuries 2009: 2) He probably should have had a haircut, too, but we were so laid back about his first day of school this year, all he got was a new shirt and the things on the list the teacher hands out.

Our school district has had half day kindergarten forever. Since we moved here, 8 years ago, there have been rumors aplenty about full day Kindergarten. I have heard from a very good source that next year it might happen. I don't have mixed feelings about this. Yes, he is my youngest, the last child at home during the school year ( 2 full days and 3 half days now). But he's ready. I'm ready. I've been SAHMing for 13 years now. It's time. Time for what, that is the question.

At this moment I am hopped up on pain meds which allow me to sit here for a few minutes and type. I'm waiting lab results, and may just have injured my back. Talking. Who hurts themselves talking? I'll have to come up with a good story if that is it, because wow, not that interesting.

" I was having coffee with Sally and Skye and wrenched my back sitting on the porch."

This is AFTER my week plus spent restoring my yard. While I was on vacation Brian mistook Death by Grub for Dormant By August. I ripped up half our yard, hauled the debris away, killed the grubs and have replanted my yard. Without injury. I sit on my porch I get hurt? This is my life.

Oh, and Luke has Lyme Disease and my father is, right now, in the hospital with heart problems. No drama in this family.. nope. None here.

Anyway---- All I can offer up today is a list of topics I will be monologuing in the near future:

- My quest to find what the heck I am going to do with my time once all the kids are in school.

- A battle by battle description, of the War of the Grubs. I think there is a parenting lesson in that.

- My Oldest Child is a Teen. And it doesn't Suck.

- My Middle Child: Lovable Goof or Button Pusher?

-My Youngest Child: Where did you learn THAT??

- Halloween: Protecting my SAHM Cred by making yet another costume.

- Lots and lots of gushy stuff about the amazing people in my life.

- Rants about people who think RULES only apply to others. Or Drop Off Lane Drama

- My desire to get some sort of part time work so that I can afford a vacation next summer. We have tasted this life, and it is good.

- The many illnesses of the Family of a Germaphobe ( who already had us all get our flu shots).

Thank you for checking back in here. Like every other parent, I am amazed how quickly the " free" time gets filled up. The vision of me posting entries as soon as the kids went back, wasn't realized. What else do I have wrong???


  1. LYME disease?!!!! Seriously? How did I miss this?! Enjoy your time alone. You deserve it. 13 years is a long time. Time for some ME moments. :-)

  2. How did I miss that your dad is in the hospital? I'll be interested to see what you come up with when all three kiddos are in school. You have SO MANY talents!

  3. I didn't say anything about it except on here-- you are not out of the loop. He's fine.Got sprung yesterday evening. ( my Dad) Yes, Jen, Lyme Disease. What a great souvenir from New England, eh?

  4. How many times are you gonna rub our noses in the fact that you had an awesome coffee talk with Skye & Sally? You're *mean*. I can't wait to read your fall line-up!!!


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